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Carpet Care

There are three basic requirements for caring and cleaning of your carpet.  We recommend the following: 

1. Frequent thorough vacuuming.
2. Prompt clean up of spills.
3. Periodic professional cleaning.



We recommend dry vacuum regularly - preferably once a week is highly recommended, using a plain upright suction vacuum cleaner. Turbo or revolving head vacuums may result in carpet getting a frizzy look. If you are using a beater bar or adjustable head vacuum, it is best to apply the lightest setting.

Soil and grit

The abrasive action of soil and grit will accelerate wear on your carpet.

We suggest that household entrances have mats to act as a barrier to prevent soil and grit.  It is better to leave most of the soil and grit on the mat, rather that walk it into the carpet. Regular vacuuming and cleaning is essential to keep your carpets looking good and to extend its life.

Stains VS Soiling

There is often confusion about the difference between soiling and staining, the majority of stain complaints are actually soil related.  For example, many sugar based spills such as soft drinks and coffee, leave a sugar residue after removal. The sticky residue readily attracts soil from ordinary shoe traffic and the resulting discoloured area appears to be a stain.

The same thing happens when spills are cleaned with a detergent solution and the area is not sufficiently rinsed with clean water, leaving a sticky detergent residue. We highly recommend to rinse thoroughly with water and blot dry after removing any spill. Wool carpets need to be kept dry.

Spot cleaning guide

Immediate action is required for spot removal.  Do not scrub.  Scoop up or blot as much of the spill as possible from the carpet, then continue to blot any residue with a clean white cloth or paper towel, always working from the outer edge of the carpet towards the center to avoid the spill spreading. It is important to remember, not to SCRUB.

Please see below for more detail.